Contribute to Bibliodaze

Want To Contribute to Bibliodaze?

We’re always looking for new and interesting voices to join us here.

Whether you’re interested in long, analytical pieces or fun bite-sized reviews, whether you want to become a full-on contributor or just a one-off guest, Bibliodaze is the place for you. No experience is necessary – if you love books and have something to say, we’d love to have you on board.

What We Do:

Bibliodaze is 100% book talk with equal parts irreverence, honesty and analysis. We have fun with what we do but we also believe in the power of substantial criticism and serious discussion of the media we consume. Sometimes we write 3000 word essays on the metaphors behind a centuries old novel you may not have heard of. Other times we make lists that are 50% pictures of pretty people with copious use of exclamation points.

What We’re Looking For:

We have several sections you can write for:

  • General fiction (this covers everything from best-sellers to literary fiction to poetry and comic books, plus stories on film & TV adaptations and developments in the publishing industry.
  • Genre fiction (currently this covers crime, science-fiction, fantasy & romance, all of which we hope to expand upon in the future).
  • Children’s/Young Adult/New Adult fiction.
  • The Writer’s Room (a place for writers, wannabe or otherwise, to discuss the craft, share advice, learn from experts, vent about the industry, talk about trends, and so on.)
  • The News Section.

You can write whatever you want, from a review to general analysis to a big long rant or even a gif filled list. If you just want to submit a query or an idea, we also welcome that and will discuss how to make that story a reality. Our minimum word count is 400 words and all submitted pictures must come with a source. You’ll also receive final editorial approval of whatever you have written and we guarantee you will receive a response from the editors in chief within one week of your submission.

Unfortunately at this moment in time we are unable to pay our contributors, although we hope that will change in the future if the site becomes more popular.

E-mail your submission, along with any further information you’d like to include (if you wish to remain anonymous, we will support that) to us at