About Us

Welcome to Bibliodaze.

Founded by Catherine & Ceilidh, two friends bound by a love of literature and criticism that spans the globe, Bibliodaze is equal parts irreverent and analytical, dedicated to sharing our passions as well as a steadfast belief in honest and substantial discussion of the media we consume.

Sometimes we write thousands of words analysing the most obscure of metaphors in centuries old novels, other times we make silly lists full of gifs of aesthetically pleasing individuals. We believe in having fun while always keeping a clear eye on the ever-changing state of literature, from the best-seller lists to genre fiction to the stories making it to the big and small screen.

We’re always looking for contributors and are willing to answer basically any question.

Reviews Policy.

We accept ARCs of all genres and categories. Many of us have access to e-ARCS on NetGalley and Edelweiss and all such reviews will specify from where the ARC was obtained, although we also review books we purchased ourselves.

We have a number of reviewers and writers with us on the site, each of whom have their own specific interests and literary passions. Authors, publishers and publicists are free to pitch a novel to the contributor of their choice, although said contributors have the option to say no. If no contributor is specified, we will try and match the best one to the job for you.

Items can be provided to us for a review, including self-published works, but do remember that said exchange does not automatically guarantee a positive review. We are all very honest in our criticism.

All enquiries can be sent to business@bibliodaze.com