Introducing Bloodsucking Feminists!


About a year and a half ago, I said to Catherine “Hey, I want to do a book website. You want in?” And for some reason she said yes.

Cut to a couple of months ago and I DM-d my highly patient co-editor with a similar request.

“I want to do a podcast on feminism and vampires.”

And she gleefully responded with “Can we call ourselves The Bloodsucking Feminists?”

And lo and behold, Bloodsucking Feminists was born.

The pair of us are big vampire fans, so it made sense to combine our love of the creatures with our penchant for long, rambling pop culture discussions through an intersectional feminist lens, and why not record it for everyone else’s enjoyment?

Right now the show will be monthly, covering everything from books to film to TV to games and a musical or two, but there will be opportunities to expand and we’re hoping you, our potential listeners, will offer suggestions for things we need to cover. There’s a lot of undead ground out there!

You can listen to our introductory episode and the debut episode on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla now, and please do follow us on Twitter and tell us what you think!

We’ve been so incredibly lucky this last year and a half with Bibliodaze and the readership we’ve gained, and we’re hoping you’ll stick with us in our latest adventure.


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