DNF Review: “A Wicked Thing” by Rhiannon Thomas


What a waste of what should have been a great concept. The execution was severely lacking.

My biggest issue was with Aurora’s character. I’m not against passive characters or characters who aren’t really brave or courageous. But that was all Aurora’s character was. She felt like a placeholder, not really present in the story at all. When she should have had a reaction to something, we get nothing from her. And if I read her saying “oh” one more time, I was going to tear my hair out.

Being in shock is understandable; however it was not written well enough to come across as shock and not, say, a poorly constructed character.

(And plus, she’s a Princess. Even if she had been locked away and ignored for part of her life, she still should have looked at the unknown people ordering her around and flat out thrown a hissy.)

It felt like the author barely skimmed the surface of what should have been a layered story full of depth. Things were touched on and then dropped entirely. The characters were cardboard, with just one or two traits ascribed to them. The world building is something we’ve all seen before, with magic having left the world a long time before and the people fearing it now.

I won’t be checking out the rest of the series.

Pages read: 110/337


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