Times Talk: 17th April 2015


Combined Print & E-Book Fiction: Hey, so remember how we talked about JR Ward’s latest book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood and how I said it’d probably drop down the best-seller chart significantly after its first week? Yup, I’m a genius. Actually, this particular example surpassed even my most pessimistic expectations. After debuting at number 2, The Shadows has now fallen out of the top 20 entirely (although it sits on the hardcover list at number 17). After 20,000 sales in the first week, mostly due to pre-sales, the book sold a quarter of that in week 2. ‘Ouch’ doesn’t begin to cover it. This is nothing new for both Ward’s series and publishing in general. Sales are sinking, especially for hardcovers, and long running series like this have diminishing returns. 13 books in 10 years is impressive for any writer but even the most diehard fans yet tired. However, The Girl on the Train is still riding strong, with another 30k sales week after more than 3 months at the top. Mark my words; there will be a film of this book by the end of 2016. Romance reads make up a good chunk of debuts here, from Abbi Glines to Joanna Wylde.

Combined Print & E-Book Non-Fiction: Kate Andersen Brewer knocks Erik Larson off the top spot with her book The Residence, a detailed exploration of the service staff of the White House. As a former correspondent for Bloomberg, this is a world Brewer has a proper insight into, and politics related works always do well in non-fiction. Sadly, Bill O’Reilly always does well too, and his latest, entitled Legends & Lies (insert your own jokes here), debuts at number 3. It’s a very celebrity heavy list this month, with debut reads from Candice Bergman, Brian Grazer and Giuliana Rancic sitting in the top 20. The power of Going Clear reigns supreme too. While Lawrence Wright’s Scientology take-down is not on the list, the memoir of church leader David Miscavige’s niece Jenna Miscavige-Hill returns to the top 10. Take that, Xenu!

Young Adult: Did you know Paper Towns the film is coming out soon? A movie adaptation would usually explain an older book returning to the top spot after an absence, but John Green’s novel never really left the YA top 10. Once again, he dominates the top 3 spots (with a 4th in number 12). This is a list of no real surprises, as per usual. Danielle Paige’s Wizard of Oz re-imaginings, Dorothy Must Die and The Wicked Shall Rise sit at 6 and 8, which will make James Frey extremely happy. For those of you keeping track, 6 of the 15 spaces are taken by women.




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