Review: “Soulbound” (Darkest London #6) by Kristen Callihan


Do you ever have that tiny little feeling in the back of your head when you just know something’s going to disappoint? It doesn’t even have to be bad, just a small little spark of interest that gets dimmed, like when you have this great, hilarious conversation with someone, but all of a sudden you just stop caring?

This was Soulbound for me. I’m making it seem worse than it actually is, because I was super impressed for most of the book. Callihan’s writing has definitely improved since her first novel, and Adam was, *cough* not bad looking, not bad looking at all *cough*. It was interesting learning about Adam’s history and the world of the fairies, but something around 3/4s through the novel vanished.

And that ending? It was preposterous. No spoilers, but even for a romance novel, it was unbelievable. There were so many different ways that it could have turned out so much better, but it had to go with the overused and bland route.

I really liked Eliza. That may be due to the narcissistic reason of her name sounding really similar to mine. Her reactions seemed genuine, up until the end, where I wanted to straight up slap her and yell at her for not thinking correctly.

Adam is the stereotypical alpha male in paranormal romances, with maybe one defining characteristic that’s different from every other one. There’s not much I can say about him regards to his actual identity. He has nice abs, I guess, which is a good enough reason as any to read this book. Callihan writes some awesome sexual tension between Adam and Eliza.

Surprisingly enough, there is a plot in Soulbound. It’s not one of those cop-outs where the plot disappears as soon as the characters want to get it on. There are some interruptions, but they seem semi-plausible, so points for that. Even though this book was character-driven, which I love, unfortunately, it has a really forgettable plot and is similar to a lot of other books.

Can I just hug Callihan for her world-building skills? I like the blend of historical and paranormal romance. When other authors try to replicate the mix, it comes across as fake and boring, but Callihan rocks at this. There is an obvious improvement from the first book in this series, Firelight, which was also really well written.

I think this review came across as though I didn’t like the book, but that is completely false. This was a great escape, and I can’t wait for the next book in this series and will definitely continue reading other books by author.

Again, thank you Forever Publishing for an ARC of this book. There is no bias in this review.


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