Happy First Birthday, Bibliodaze!


This week sees our website celebrate its first birthday, which is fittingly referred to as the paper anniversary (hey, any excuse for more books, right?) After getting irate over Buzzfeed Books’s wasted potential, the pair of us decided to start our own site and see where it took us.

In the past 12 months, we’ve seen our dog and pony show reach unprecedented heights, been quoted and linked to by numerous websites such as the LA Times, the Telegraph and the Huffington Post, won a YA Highway Web award, bombarded by Vox Day fans, became an official source on a Wikipedia article and targeted by hackers. Today, we were linked to by Reading Rainbow, meaning we have the official LeVar Burton seal of approval!

With a starting plan to provide extensive and detailed coverage of everything in the world of books and publishing (edging away from the exclusively YA perspective the pair of us focused on for most of our earlier blogging years), we’ve weighed in on everything from stalker authors to industry failures, from the merits of crowdfunding to the cold hard economics of our hobby and everything in between. Thanks to our amazing team, we’ve managed to cover a far wider range of topics than even we’d originally planned, with the occasional foray into TV and film analysis. We started out with lofty ambitions and those have only grown in the past 12 months, and we couldn’t have done it without every single one of you.

The pair of us would like to thank all of our contributors, both regulars and guests – Megan, Miranda, Eva, Alisa, Ashley, Jeanne, Vanessa, Katya, Laura – and every person who clicked on a link, chatted to us on Twitter, recommended our site to others, talked trash, said we sucked, said we were great, and everyone who bothered to take the time and check us out.

Our plans for the coming 12 months include expansion of our newsletter (subscribe now!) and a move into the world of podcasting and vlogging. World domination’s in there somewhere too, maybe the Neutral Planet. Dang filthy neutrals. So whatever the case, stay tuned for more, and once again, thank you!


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Ceilidh is the co-editor in chief of Bibliodaze, the one who has no idea what she's doing. She talks YA at The Book Lantern and has been known to talk theatre for The Skinny & Female Arts.


  1. Congratulations on all your success, guys! You deserve it. I read pretty much all of your articles, subscribe to your feed, and pimp you out anyway I can! Seriously, I can’t believe it’s been a year already, and I look forward to all the other great, relevant posts you will write in the future.

    Happy bloggoversary, Bibliodaze! <3

  2. Wow! You guys have done such a great job this past year! I am so amazed at your success! Happy blogversary! And I look forward to more from you! 🙂

  3. Happy first birthday, and may you have many successful blogging years ahead! I only discovered your site recently, but I’ve been super impressed with the quality and insight of your articles.

  4. Happy blogoversary Bibliodaze! I have come to rely on you guys for what’s new in the blogosphere/bookosphere, and love browsing your articles and reviews. Many happy returns!
    ~Litha Nelle


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