The Bibliodaze State of the Book Survey

What is the current state of the book? Help Bibliodaze find out!


Sometimes there comes a point in a blogger / book writer’s life where she has questions for which there are few answers, or at least answers that are hard to find unless you dig deep into the community. Or, in this case, hopefully ask people for brutal honesty with the promise of anonymity.

Way back when, during the days of Book Brats, I hosted a survey about reading habits that ended up getting 122 responses. The focus of that survey – the changing face of YA and why so many adults are becoming YA readers. Of course, that was three years ago now. Even since then, with the booming popularity of Divergent, The Hunger Games, and other books, YA has become a vastly different field to look at. And looking at just YA readers was so limiting.

I was chatting with Ceilidh and Catherine about the changing face of online book content, especially the rise of booktubers, and I did some research into the ad revenues of popular booktubers and found general estimates of how much booktubers can bring in given the right circumstances. Of course, being popular on Youtube is one thing, and it takes a lot of work and years of effort. But who is the audience for booktubing? Why do they choose to watch videos versus reading blogs? Do bloggers or booktubers affect your reading habits?

So I decided to make a survey. Of course, a survey answers all your problems. It takes about 10-15 minutes (maybe longer) and we are looking for brutal honesty. All responses are anonymous.


Thanks in advance for your help! Bibliodaze in February or March will hopefully have tons of interesting analysis about the state of the online book community – trends, highlights, and opinions on the future, so stay tuned!


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