Review: “Half-Blood” (Covenant #1) by Jennifer Armentrout


This was one of my first reviews, and I remember I completely adored this novel. A year and a half later, I’ve become more cynical and judgmental towards books. 

After finishing Half-Blood for the second time, my first thought was:

I don’t understand. I obsessed over this book for months on end after finishing it and now, it’s simply a forgettable book I couldn’t care about. Yes, this novel had some awesome qualities. Overall, though, Half-Blood was just mediocre.

The setting of Half-Blood is the Covenant, a school to train Half-bloods to fight the daimons. Basically, it’s the exact same story as Vampire Academy but with Greek mythology instead of vampires. The first time I read this book, I read it before Vampire Academy, so I  didn’t realize exactly how similar the two were.

Half-Blood‘s best part was undoubtedly the main character, who actually seemed 3-Dimensional. Alex is no Mary Sue. She knew how to take care of herself, but she wasn’t too perfect at it, either.   Alex is everything you could ask for a main character- smart, fascinating, and witty. I have to admit, her recklessness and sarcasm was the first characteristic I liked about her.  I’ve read all five books of this series, the Alex of this book isn’t my favorite, as she’s not as developed of a character as she was in the later books,  but she’s a decent character in the first novel.

Unfortunately, this book has one of my least favorite things in it- a love triangle. Even worse, it’s a Twilight love triangle. You know, one of those where you know who the main character is finally going to end up with. I don’t feel as though Aiden and Seth were as “real” of characters that they could have been. In Half-Blood, the sole purpose of Aiden is to be mysterious and help Alex. The sole purpose of Seth? To be mysterious and help Alex.

I’ve always liked Greek mythology, but I’m usually disappointed when a book is based off of it. This book was not the case. Jennifer Armentrout created a novel which most readers would enjoy.

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