Review: “The Suffragette Scandal” by Courtney Milan

This book proves Courtney Milan is one of the top historical romance novelists out there


Courtney Milan is, hands down, my favorite romance author. Her books are consistently amazing, and now that she’s moved into self-publishing, which allows her to push the envelope in what she writes? It’s only gotten better.

While I think The Countess Conspiracy is still my favorite of the series, The Suffragette Scandal ranks a very close second. How can I not adore a romance novel that focuses on a heroine who’s an unapologetic suffragette and the dude who loves her?

I loved Free from the moment she appeared in a previous novel. She doesn’t suffer fools, she knows exactly what she wants out of life, not only for herself but for others, and she’s very damned determined. She blackmails the hero right back when he attempts to blackmail her; she can hold her own against him and others; and frankly she’s just amazing.

The chemistry between her and Edward is a joy to read. Free routinely throws him off balance, because anything he assumes about her and any tricks he tries on her end up just making her laugh. But they don’t end up besting each other: instead they work together as equals. Their road is a rocky one, especially near the end. Milan always makes the stakes very real and high in her novels, and this is no exception.

Plus, there was a subplot with a female character who’s in love with another woman. Lesbians? In MY feminist historical romance novel? YES PLEASE. GIVE ME MORE.

If you haven’t read Courtney Milan’s novels yet, you need to get on it immediately. Her characters are always fleshed out and believable, her couples always work together, the stakes are always high and do genuinely leave you wondering how they’re going to work through it to that happy ending. You won’t be disappointed, at all.



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