{Bibliobites Review} “Clean Sweep” By Ilona Andrews


My favorite part about Clean Sweep  wasn’t the awesome main character Dina, who may be one of the few actually strong and independent characters in the realm of Urban Fantasy. It wasn’t the amazing werewolf called Sean Evans, who I had a strange urge to hug because he was so confused sometimes, or the vampire Arland, who I also had a strange urge to hug because he wasn’t the typical overbearing vampire alpha male. It wasn’t even the completely brilliant setting of the Inn, which was finally a setting that actually is an important part of the book. It was the fact that there was a shih tzu that made me love this book. That’s right. I’m so shallow that a shih tzu named Beast changed this book from a 4.99 to a 5 star review. But really, can you say no to this face?

shih tzu
If you can, you might not have a soul.

Something’s killing dogs near Dina’s Bed & Breakfast. She suspects the werewolf, Sean, for a while, before coming across one of the killers. And that’s basically all I can say about the plot without spoilers.

Ilona Andrews writes a book impossible to dislike. It’s short enough to not get boring after a while, but there’s still a solid plot. The characters are easy to relate to, and the mystery in this book isn’t easily solved within the first ten pages.  The only thing I can really say is that if there’s no sequel, soon I just won’t function in everyday life.

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  1. I too, love shih-zus and could totally see myself upping ratings of books which have shih-tzu dogs in them. I rescued one who was purported to be seven years old at an awful shelter, and it ended up he was fifteen and they had lied to us, in addition to telling us he was perfectly healthy when he was starving (they had access to his records). We had him for three more years, and he was the most awesome dog ever, once he was fed and healthy again.
    This sounds like a good short book (I’m reading something similar now that could have benefitted from leaving out half the page count). Excellent review!
    ~Litha Nelle


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