“We Were Liars” Acquired by Imperative Entertainment


As reported exclusively by Deadline, E. Lockhart’s YA mystery novel We Were Liars may someday become a feature film. Imperative Entertainment, a production company that was just formed in March, secured the rights to the film after a bidding that Deadline referred to as “competitive.” Lockhart has already written a draft of the screenplay.

Released last month, We Were Liars has spent three weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers List (Young Adult). Considering that every other book in the top ten has been out for months if not years, that’s quite a feat.

If you’re interested in reading the book, check out Ceilidhann’s four star review here at Bibliodaze.


  1. YAY! I can’t wait. Or maybe I shouldn’t. Ugh! I hope the movie is fucking fabulous since Lockhart herself has written the screenplay. There’s still so many things that could go wrong, though.


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