Hulu To Show “Delirium” Pilot


Delirium, the first novel in Lauren Oliver’s New York Times best-selling YA trilogy of a world where love is considered a disease, was adapted into a pilot for Fox, yet failed to be picked up for a full season. Fortunately for those fans who wanted more, Hulu have teamed up with WIGS, producers of numerous original online shows streamed on the site, to bring the pilot to audiences on June 20th.

Clips of the pilot, starring Emma Roberts, already made their way onto various sites after the failed pick-up. While a Twitter campaign mounted by fans brought some attention to the project, ultimately it proved to be an ill fit with the network (surely this is a CW show?) Early reviews of the leaked first six minutes of the pilot were also less than positive, with IndieWire proclaiming “Bad acting, cheap production values, and cheesy dialogue makes this six-minute reel a chore to get through (and no one comes out of this looking good)”. Still, fans will have the chance to decide for themselves, although there have been no signs that this broadcast will result in a series pick-up by Hulu, who are expanding their original series roster to keep up with Netflix. You can watch the trailer below.


  1. IDGI. I mean, it looks like the future in one scene then the next they’re totally just in a random present day neighborhood. And Emma Roberts is probably one of the worst actresses ever.

    WHY did Fox pick this up again? It’s CW/MAYBE MTV bait.


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