A Perfect Pairing (2): Filling Your Reading Playlist

Fill your reading playlist with this week's suggestions

credit Julian Basjel

Welcome to A Perfect Pairing, aka A Perfect Way to introduce you to new music worthy of adding to your reading playlist. In case you missed week one, you can find it here and find some other new tunes and more about my goal! This week, I’ve dug up three goodies worthy of your attention and your listening, and I paired them each with some books, authors, or genres you might pair it with. As always, let me know your suggestions and your thoughts on this music!

TOKiMONSTA featuring MNDR – Go With It

This song is selfishly my current jam, so I had to include it. TOKiMONSTA is a female dance music artist you can’t miss, and pair her with the rising stars MNDR and you have a track that is woefully under-recognized and under-played. Drums, clicks, synth! It’s everything you could want, even if at it’s core it’s a rather sad song.

Pairing Suggestions: “Why We Broke Up” by Daniel Handler, anything by Annabel Pitcher, or go adult with “The Husband’s Secret” by Liane Moriarty (hey, give it a try – it might surprise you). Anything with death or breaking up as a theme.

Vaults – Premonitions

The 2010’s answer to Massive Attack and Portishead anyone? Vaults is an up-and-coming act that I found just by clicking through a bunch of artists on Spotify until I found this gem, a heady track that seems like a successor to the famous Teardrop that you have heard everywhere, particularly the theme to “House”.

Pairing Suggestion: For some reason, I heard this song and went, “Under the Never Sky!” So with that in mind, pair it with a good dystopian with post-apocalyptic themes. “Under the Never Sky”, “Divergent” perhaps.

Autre Ne Veut featuring Mykki Blanco – Counting

This week for me was clearly one of slower electronic dance jams, but Autre Ne Veut’s “Counting” (with or without Mykki Blanco) is a very deep, exotic-sounding track about darker themes, particularly life and death.

Pairing Suggestion: This one needs something darker, like “Before I Fall” by Lauren Oliver or even the amazing, can’t miss hit of summer 2013, Marisha Pessl’s “Night Film”.



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