Cindy Pon Signs Deal For New Duology


Cindy Pon, hot off the success of making the inaugural Bibliodaze Most Influential People in Publishing List (a big deal, darlings), has signed a deal for a new duology set in the fantasy world of her original YA series, which started with Silver Phoenix and Fury of the Phoenix. The deal was signed with Georgia McBride, whose media group includes Month9Books (which acquired the North American rights to Pon’s series), Tantrum Books and Swoon Romance, publishing a wide array of genres and age categories. Month9Books and Tantrum Books are distributed by IPG. Swoon Romance is distributed by Inscribe Digital. Susan Schulman Literary Agency represents Georgia McBride Media Group for all subsidiary rights.

Serpentine, the first in the new duology, is set for a September 2015 publication. The Publisher’s Weekly announcement describes the book as chronicling “the tension and struggle among mortals, demons, and gods in the kingdom of Xia as it tells the story of Skybright, who worries about her growing otherness as she falls in love with a mortal boy for the first time.”

We at Bibliodaze are delighted by the deal announcement, not just for Pon but for what promises to be a positive advancement in YA publishing in the wake of #WeNeedDiverseBooks and the work Diversity In YA (which Pon is a co-founder of) has done over the years. Here’s hoping this is just the first of many similar deals to be announced over the coming months.


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