“The Three Musketeers” prequel web-series starting this Spring.


The First Musketeer, a prequel to Dumas’ novel will hit the (computer-)screens some time this spring (exact date not yet known). In six episodes we will follow (mainly) Athos who arrives in Paris, fleeing from his dark past (aka having killed his wife) and meeting not only Porthos and Aramis but also two original characters: two older Musketeers called Ghislain and Lazare (presumably the two will stop the others from doing stupid stuff that could get them killed…or at least try to).

The cast list also promises us Milady de Winter. That will certainly be interesting as, if they don’t want to screw the book-canon she has to be in the episodes without ever meeting the others as Athos isn’t aware that she survived her execution. (She also really shouldn’t yet be called de Winter at this point as it’s unlikely that she married Lord de Winter, got pregnant and poisoned her husband in the short space between her “death” and the beginning of this series but I’m going to ignore that for the moment).
We will also get at least one original female character, Marion. The official website describes her as Beautiful but deadly, she is not to be trusted. Something that is pretty much also Milady’s description.

It certainly has the potential to be interesting. Even though it can’t take that long till we see the first episode information is still scarce and so pretty much everything is speculation. I admit the actors of the three don’t exactly look like I imagine them (really, only Aramis looks like Aramis, Porthos also looks like Aramis and Athos looks like a young Sirius Black) but that won’t stop me from giving the series a try (OK, I will watch almost everything Musketeer-related but that’s beside the point).

Here’s a short trailer:



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