Robison Wells Fundraiser for “Altered Perceptions”

Author Robison Wells holds a fundraiser for a very important cause.

robison wells

Sometimes there is news in the YA community that you can’t avoid and can’t help but root for. I read Robison Wells’ story today and realized how much his mixture of crippling mental health issues and debt resonated with me (why hello there, panic attacks and almost six figures of student loan debt for a degree I don’t even use). For those not in the know, Robison Wells and his multitude of supporters – especially fantasy author Brandon Mull – have come together to host an Indiegogo fundraiser to repay some of his massive debt accrued thanks to years of mental health issues.

“Altered Perceptions” is a collection of short stories, chapters, and other works from almost 30 authors from a variety of genres, published as an ebook or as a hardback to people who donate to help Wells. These authors include Lauren Oliver, Brandon Sanderson, Brandon Mull, Shannon Hale, and many more. And the perks go beyond just the book. Critiques! CRITIQUES. Writers know the power of a good one, and there are some good critiquers giving away their skills for a donation.

For more information on Wells’ reasons for the fundraiser, and about “Altered Perceptions”, watch this video, and if you can donate, please do – for as low as $10, you get an awesome ebook!


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