Review: Game of Thrones 4:02 – “The Lion and the Rose”


Y’all know what time it is, don’t you?

There are a lot of things to say about The Lion and the Rose, but of course most people only care about the Purple Wedding, so. Here’s my take on that: It was gorgeously shot, acted, and paced. It says a lot about Joffrey’s utter reprehensibility that I didn’t feel uncomfortable watching a fifteen/sixteen year old kid die in his mother’s arms while she’s screaming for someone to help him. Whatever sympathy I may have felt for Joffrey for being abused (and he was abused; the entire Lannister clan is built on abuse and continuing the cycle of it. Even Tyrion isn’t free from that.) was pretty much wiped out over the course of the seasons and in reading the books.

So yeah. Bye, dude. I’m gonna sincerely miss your actor, but not so much the character.

I continue to be very uncomfortable that Oberyn is being portrayed mainly through his sexuality, as the scene with Loras shows. But his scene with Cersei and Tywin was pretty chill inducing, and I wish they’d focus more on the man who came to King’s Landing for revenge, instead of a non-white man who is aggressively sexual.

Props to Peter Dinklage on the scene where he sends Shae away. He really is a fantastic actor, and it’s a joy when he gets to stretch those muscles. I’m hoping they’ll depart from the book storyline on this one, but unfortunately I don’t think so. I do imagine they’ll change the way it happens, though, so Tyrion doesn’t lose sympathy with the audience. The show has a very bad habit of making him seem like a better person than he is, whereas in the books he’s like everyone else and capable of being awful and good.

One thing I’m confused about is the decision to name Ramsay Snow’s hunting partner Myranda. There’s a character named Myranda later on in the series, so I wonder if they’re going to do away with her or rename her. They renamed Theon’s sister Asha to Yara, to avoid confusing audiences with the Wildling woman Osha, and very likely did away with the Jeyne Westerling character entirely because another character named Jeyne plays a part later on in the story. I’m wary because Myranda is a part of Sansa’s storyline, and Sansa desperately needs people she can rely on. Taking one out seems strange, but it’ll be a while before I know for sure what they’re doing, so maybe I’m worrying over nothing.

Overall The Lion and the Rose was a fantastic episode, and one that definitely makes the audience excited for the fallout of the events in it.


  1. Yes about the Lannisters. Though to my mind, the real fatal flaw in the family is short-sightedness; sacrificing long-term benefits for an immediate victory. (It could be said that the Starks have the opposite problem–they’re so busy playing the long game they end up falling behind in the present, at times fatally).

    I really hated that scene with Tyrion & Shae, actually. Mostly because, like you, I was hoping the Tyrion/Shae relationship would end differently in the series. I like the show relationship a lot; I think it deserves better. The book relationship was toxic (and Tyrion’s role in it loathsome), and ended perfectly.

    But mostly, I hate the trick of “I’m going to be mean for your own good”–and I can’t imagine why anyone thought that would work on Shae.

    (Whereas I really enjoyed Dinklage’s acting during the Wedding–could see a dozen emotions competing for dominance in his face).


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