Mindy McGinnis’s ‘Not A Drop To Drink’ Optioned By Stephenie Meyer’s Production Company


While Stephenie Meyer may not be the first name in the current YA conversation these days, with the Twilight movies all released, the adaptation of The Host a big bomb and no new releases on the horizon, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her finger on the pulse. Having already produced the adaptation of Shannon Hale’s Austenland to middling success and with Kendare Blake’s YA horror Anna Dressed In Blood also optioned, Meyer and partner Meghan Hibbett have added another YA novel to their growing roster of upcoming projects.

Mindy McGinnis’s Not A Drop To Drink, published by Harper Collins in late 2013, comes hot on the heels of the dystopian trend, with a plot centred on a futuristic America where access to fresh water is strictly prohibited. While no further news has been announced regarding Fickle Fish’s other projects, it is undoubtedly fascinating to see Meyer take such a wild and creatively different change of direction post-Twilight. While many readers wait for more books from her, even after she admitted to being over Twilight, it’s certainly rare to see an author go into film in such a direct manner, and even rarer to see one taking such active steps to tell stories by women (all of Fickle Fish’s optioned projects so far are based on the works of female authors).

While it is refreshing to see a female producer going out of her way to do so (and anything that makes Hollywood a little less Weinstein is always good), one’s irony bell cannot help but ring given the sheer amount of anti-women messages the Twilight series normalised, romanticised and make profitable. Whatever happens next, and even with the less than stellar success of The Host and Austenland behind her, it will be fascinating to see if Meyer can make bank in film.


  1. I’ll be honest here – I didn’t like that book. Especially since it randomly threw in paranormal elements for no reason. It just felt like dystopian for the sake of “It’s popular!” so yeah, I don’t like this, LOL.

    But props to the author for getting money!


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