Kickstarter goal for “Enemy of Man” reached

Image from The Times.

This week Vincent Regan’s Kickstarter for Enemy of Man (narrowly) reached is target.

It’s a Macbeth-adaptation starring well…a lot of well-known people:

Yes, that’s Sean Bean playing Macbeth. (Has he reached a point where he only gets cast in roles where he only gets cast in roles where everybody already knows he will die?). We can also (hopefully) look forward to Charles Dance as Duncan, Rupert Grint as Rosse, Jason Flemyng as Macduff, James D’Arcy as Banquo and Neil Maskell as Kern. Lady Macbeth hasn’t been announced, yet.
Even with the goal being reached it still can’t be guaranteed that the film will be made but I certainly hope it will be because it looks awesome.


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