Gregory Maguire’s “Egg and Spoon” Acquired by Universal


Gregory Maguire is best known as the man behind the book that gave the world the Broadway phenomenon Wicked, but while his books have been popular with readers, including the numerous sequels to his most famous work, they haven’t quite defied gravity in terms of success (no, I don’t regret making that obvious joke). However, that may change with the news coming from the Hollywood Reporter that his latest novel Egg and Spoon, inspired by the tale of Baba Yaga, has been acquired by Universal, with Marc Platt attached as producer. Platt was one of the men responsible for bringing Wicked to the stage.

Maguire’s revisionist takes on tales such as Oz, Cinderella and Snow White (with a dash of the Borgias) are far more adult in tone than the casual reader may expect given the musical’s young fanbase, often full of political and queer subplots (and, in Wicked, a description of Elphaba’s pubic hair). The blurb for Egg and Spoon mentions poverty in Tsarist Russia, so it looks set to follow in the decidedly adult footsteps of Gregory’s previous work.

Egg and Spoon will be released in USA on September 9th 2014, and is published by Candlewick.

Oh go on then, let’s have some Wicked.

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