NZ Promotes Game of Thrones Premiere by Building, Tearing Down Statue of Joffrey


When it comes to promoting books-turned-movies/TV shows, New Zealand likes to build things. Whether it’s a giant troll, Gollum, Nazgul or Gandalf on the Embassey Theatre, the dwarves and Bilbo on the NZ Post building or giant eagles in the airport, if New Zealand (or rather, Weta Workshops) can build it, they will.

To promote the premiere of the fourth season of Game of Thrones, television channel SoHo has built an actual statue of Joffrey – and once the hashtag #bringdowntheking reached one million tweets the statue will be pulled down. The system is already in place and soon the wheels will be turning, the ropes tightening – and Joffrey will come tumbling down.

Not actually in Auckland, New Zealand? Don’t worry. The official website for this event, Bring Down The King has two cameras fixed on the statue, both streaming out what is happening there live. Right now there are people wandering about but soon things will be very exciting, as the hashtag has already passed the halfway mark.

Will you be watching for Joffrey to be brought down?

(This is not the first time NZ has gone creative with a book-to-TV-show promotion. Several years ago Prime’s promotion for True Blood – in case of vampire, snap here – went viral.)


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