BBC & HBO to Co-Produce a “The Casual Vacancy” Mini-Series


Back in 2012, the BBC announced that J.K. Rowling’s first post-Harry Potter novel, The Casual Vacancy, would become a BBC One mini-series. The network is now partnering with HBO to bring the planned three-hour series to airwaves.

Released in 2012, The Casual Vacancy focuses on the dark side of the seemingly peaceful suburban English town of Pagford. While it was a financial success, response from fans and critics alike was mixed.

The BBC and HBO have teamed up in the past. The ridiculously expensive hit series “Rome” and the mini-series “Parade’s End” are two notable co-productions.

Rowling, through her production company Bronte Film and Television, will serve as an executive producer on the project. Production will begin in England this summer.



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