“Unremembered” Picked Up by Producers of “Vampire Academy”

Image from Author's Website.

As exclusively reported in the Hollywood Reporter, Jessica Brody’s sci-fi YA novel Unremembered, the first in a trilogy, has been acquired by Reliance Entertainment and Kintop Pictures. The book was released last March, published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux Books for Young Readers, an imprint of the Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group, and the sequel Unfortgotten hit the shelves last month. The final part of the trilogy, as yet unnamed, is expected to be released next year. No director or cast is yet attached to the production.

The novel, set in a world where time travel is real and genetic alterations are the norm, centres on a teenage girl and survivor of a plane crash who cannot remember her past. As she returns to civilization and is met with questions and much suspicion, she is forced to piece together the fragments of her identity with a boy named Zen who claims she is involved with a top secret scientific experiment conducted by a sinister corporation named Diotech.

The attached producers, Deepak Nayar (Vampire Academy & Bend It Like Beckham) and Tabrez Noorani (Zero Dark Thirty) praised the novel’s high concept premise and strong female protagonist. Keep an eye out in the future for statements like this as more YA novels are undoubtedly snapped up by producers in the wake of Divergent breaking a non-existent curse against adaptations of young adult works. The producers are also working on the Graceling film, one that comes with a lot of box office potential. Whatever the case, given that the novel doesn’t have the huge fanbase that Divergent has, here’s hoping the producers and distributors treat this one better than they did Vampire Academy. 


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