The Next “The Iron Seas” Novel Will Be Serialized


It’s been over a year since Riveted, the third book in romance author Meljean Brook’s “The Iron Seas” series, was released. Set in a steampunk world, the action-packed novels feature everything from nanotechnology to entire countries infested with zombies. While Ms. Brook wrote two companion novellas last year, fans of the series have been waiting for the next full length novel since late 2012. Soon the wait will be over…sort of.

That’s because the next novel, The Kraken King, will be released in a series of eight installments. The book will follow the sure to be steamy adventures of Zenobia Fox, the sister of Archimedex Fox. In the universe of “The Iron Seas”, she wrote books about her treasure-hunting brother that made him famous. Meljean Brook told Archimedes’ story in the second “The Iron Seas” novel, Heart of Steel. Now it’s Zenobia’s turn. A summary, from from Ms. Brook’s website:

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“A former smuggler and thief, Ariq—better known as the Kraken King—doesn’t know what to make of the clever, mysterious woman he rescues from an airship besieged by marauders. Unsure if she’s a spy or a pawn in someone else’s game, Ariq isn’t about to let her out of his sight until he finds out…

After escaping her fourth kidnapping attempt in a year, Zenobia Fox has learned to vigilantly guard her identity. While her brother Archimedes is notorious for his exploits, Zenobia has had no adventures to call her own—besides the stories she writes.

But when she jumps at the chance to escape to the wilds of Australia and acquire research for her next story, Zenobia quickly discovers that the voyage will be far more adventurous than any fiction she could put to paper…”

The first installment of The Kraken King, The Kraken King and the Scribbling Spinster, will be released April 15, 2014 with the other installments to quickly follow. The final installment, The Kraken King and the Greatest Adventure, is scheduled to be released June 3, 2014. On the bright side the wait for the complete story will not be long. On perhaps the not so bright side, each installment will cost $1.99. One of the biggest criticisms of serialized novels, which have experienced a resurgence in popularity lately, has been pricing. Once everything’s said and done, The Kraken King will end up costing readers about sixteen dollars. In the UK each installment will cost £1.25, for a total cost of £10.00. Both prices are higher than the current ebook and mass market paperback prices of the other three novels in the series.

Back on the bright side, Ms. Brook plans to give readers as much bang for their buck as she can. On her website she states, “I know it adds up; for those of you worried that you are only getting a tiny bit of story for each part, remember that I’m a terrible over-writer — several of these parts are novella-length. My goal from the beginning was to write this serial as a serial, not just a novel broken up into eight sections, and to make certain that my readers get their money’s worth and walk away from each part satisfied with the story they’ve gotten that week. So each part is written as its own mini-adventure within the novel. Some parts are longer than others, but, ahem…this is going to be a long book, overall.”

The complete novel will be released in print and in ebook format at a later date. If you’re interested in the serialized adventures of Zenobia and Ariq but don’t like the price, you might want to wait until then to dive into The Kraken King.


      • If you’re charging $2.99 apiece for a 10 part serial, for example, look at how much you’ll make compared to selling a full novel for $10. And when I say I hate it, I really do mean, “I hate that it’s become a cash cow first and foremost.”

        • Oh, yeah. There’s no doubt in my mind that the popularity of serials on the part of publishers is all about money. It might even be linked to the end of agency ebook pricing, but I have no idea how to prove that.


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