Shooting Begins on Dave Eggers’s “A Hologram for the King”.


When Dave Eggers isn’t writing books or telling people not to criticise said books unless they’ve written one themselves, he occasionally delves into the world of movies. He and his wife Vendela Vida co-wrote the sweet and underrated romantic drama Away We Go, directed by Sam Mendes, and he also had a hand in Spike Jonze’s big screen adaptation of the children’s classic Where the Wild Things Are, which he later adapted into a book. Now, it’s time for his own work to receive the adaptation treatment, courtesy of Tom Tykwer.

Tykwer has a history of adapting difficult material to varying levels of success thanks to Perfume and Cloud Atlas. His ambition is staggering, even if the execution is sometimes questionable. This time around he’s tackling Eggers’s National Book Award nominee A Hologram for the King, a comedic drama centred on a struggling businessman (to be played by Tom Hanks, previously seen in Tywker’s Cloud Atlas) who heads to Saudi Arabia in a last ditch attempt to make his fortune. Tywker will both write and direct the project.

Filming began today in Morocco, according to Deadline, and will continue there as well as moving to Tykwer’s native Germany. Other cast members include Sarita Choudhury from Homeland, comedian Omar Elba and Tracey Fairaway.


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