Scenes from the Failed SELECTION Pilot

Holy accents, Batman! Welcome to the failed pilot of THE SELECTION.


Remember when CW tried to make THE SELECTION into a television series? Or, how about that time they tried to make it into a television series again after rumors surfaced that the first attempt was horrible, only to have the same results with test audiences and the CW network executives. That and the CW also had Reign, a medieval soap they felt THE SELECTION was too similar to, and a pilot they liked more. Although this has been out for a number of months, it’s the first time I’ve seen it (though I have had an opportunity to read the leaked scripts for both the original and second pilots, both of which are…less than good).

And trust me, this pilot – or at least the 5 minute clip that found its way online – is nothing like the book. The accents! The sexism! The randomness! The second pilot introduced a new Prince named Rafe, and turned Maxon into the Juan Pablo of the Future. That’s not a compliment. Watch for yourself and see.

If you’re curious about the second version of the pilot, it’s freely leaked online – you can check it out here.

Photo credit actress Melanie Liburd via Twitter.


    • NO, he wassuch a sweetheart and she didnt still appels or try to run off with aspen.
      this is NOTHNG like the book

    • No in the book Maxon was a sensitive man who understood everything and everybody. He would never harm a fly in the book.

  1. Catherine he is NOTHING like this in the books. The books are like a fairy tale. This is gratuitous filth.

    Also I want to read the original pilot! Where can I find it?!

  2. Why the HELL did they turn Maxon into such a douche??? Honestly, they should’ve stuck with the plot of the book. Trying to make this into addictive television ruined whatever entertainment value the original story possessed. GOD. So disappointed. Glad this didn’t make it to series; this is disgusting.

  3. Yeah. They honestly should actually even at least TRY to adapt to the book. I mean, this isn’t The Selection anymore?! WTF CW?! Here’s a freakin list of reasons as to why I this is so freakin stupid! Like in the book:

    Maxon’s an only child

    The parents’ names are supposed to be Shalom and Magda

    The ages

    No one knows about the relationship

    Celeste was doing it for a different reason

  4. ENZO! What about Caroline?! xD
    Okay, I’m one of those girls that doesn’t think The Selection book is incredible (maybe the opposite), but this is even worse…

  5. @ Anna my thoughts exactly…..ENZO!…guess we watch the same show! n I deffo prefer him as Enzo…I did love The Selection..havent read the other two yet…n would have loved to see a more “along the lines of the books film”…this however….isn’t it!
    Ah well i’ll carry on reading The Selection and watching the Vampires…..wink )

  6. This is absolutely disgusting! That is the nicest thing that can be said about this. Even if it was some random show and not a failed attempt at the Selection, it still wouldn’t have been worth watching.

  7. I hate what they turned Maxon into, especially the poor quality of this video. I hope ABC family will be interested in the selection and try to make a series! They are great at making drama and love shows.

    • I don’t think that abc family would be interested in the SELECTION series. With the shows that they have like SCANDAL, ONCE UPON A TIME or even BLACK-ISH it is not what they will be interested in putting into a show.
      I like the possibility of it being turned into a movie similarly and differently done to the GREAT GATSBY. ie partys, betail and/or murder to spiece things up.

  8. Am really disappointed. This was not like the book at all. First of all America has RED red hair and that one of those details that you don’t change. Second, what the hell were they thinking of doing that to Maxon. They tried to use the same personality as the person (Enzo) from vampire diaries and it sucked because Maxon was not supposed to be an asshole. Last, America forgot about Aspen in the last book.


  9. I’m really disappointed.This was not like the book at all. First of all America has RED red hair and that one of those details that you don’t change. Second, what the hell did they do with Maxon. They tried to use the same personality as the person (Enzo) from vampire diaries and it sucked because Maxon was not supposed to be an asshole. Last, America forgot about Aspen in the last book.


  10. How dare they! They just turned a wonderful book into rubbish!! I would say at least they tried but it doesn’t seem that way from what I see. What upset me most about this is that they made Maxom such a doche bag!!! Also America, she didn’t know Aspen was there until towards the end of book 1… Pulse Maxson and America look NOTHING like how they were described in the book!!! Before I keep ranting on, I still wouldn’t mind seeing the CW give it another shot but actually stick to the books plot or any other Tv station give it a shot! 🙂

  11. Im so happy this didnt turn into a show.
    The people dont even match the charters in the book!
    It just dont make since.

  12. first if the blonde one was america that was wrong there was a whole scene about the book about her hair what that meant to people. that why people liked it,it wasn’t an average love story plus what about aspen? what happen to him.CW you could have done a lot better for this did awesome on rain,flash and arrow why not the selection,if anybody is reading this what CW should do is a once series and make the director or someone in charge read the book and make it exact. that’s good way to get more viewers in.

  13. Maxon was blonde.
    America was a red head.
    Maxon had morals.
    America never stole apples.
    Maxon didn’t know that America loved Aspen, only that she loved someone back in Carolina.
    America was never going to run away with Aspen.
    America didn’t look middle aged.
    This is bull.

    • When something gets turn into a t.v show or a movie it never gets playes out detail by detail (The point is to have the theme or the point of the story. It does not matter that they got details wrong,is just that it sucks

  14. WTF?!!?!?!?!?!??!
    If you read the script, you’ll know that the story starts with Maxon FUCKING Lucy? WHAT EVEN?
    And then, he tries to seduce America? On the first night, too!!!!!!
    And worst of all…. a stripper-pool-party???????
    Omigod what happend to my baby Maxon? He was such a cutie in the books……

  15. Oh my gosh I HATE this script! It’s nothing like the book, they only have 25 girls instead of 35, they don’t even have Marlee! And Maxon isn’t a sexaholic. America was 17 and Aspen was a Guard for the palace and not in the Army. America’s Mother’s name was Magda, not Calla. May was about 10(I think). They completey changed everything about the book, and I hope that it doesn’t happen again!

  16. they ruined the core of the story plot. no sex before marrige! otherwise a huge part of the story dosnt work. this is some other story tittled the same. ttly nothing to do with the original.


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