“Hunger Games” Producers to Adapt Donna Tartt’s “The Goldfinch”.

Image from BBC.

The release of a new Donna Tartt novel sparks much excitement in the literary community, with an average wait of about a decade between her three books. The Goldfinch, novel number three, stormed onto the best-seller charts and appeared on the Best Of 2013 lists of many a critic. Pulitzer talk has filled the book blogosphere for a while now but in the meantime, we have adaptation news.

As The Wrap exclusively reported, producer Nina Jacobson of Color Force, best known for The Hunger Games series of films, will adapt the 800 page doorstopper for either the big or small screen. A decision has yet to be made on whether we’ll see a film or TV show of The Goldfinch, with Jacobson declaring that the choice will be given to the creative head allotted the project. Given the huge crossover between the world of TV and film these days, it could go either way, although a story of such gargantuan length is surely more fitting for a HBO or BBC series.

The story, described by the New York Times literature critic Michiko Kakutani as a “glorious, Dickensian novel”, centres on a young boy whose mother dies during a bombing of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, during which he manages to come into possession of the eponymous painting by Carel Fabritius. The boy is then taken in by the wealthy and troubled family of a friend.

Now the floor is open as to which film-maker will be given the gift of adapting such a dense and detailed story. I’d suggest Bryan Fuller, because I suggest Bryan Fuller for everything, but could also see Jane Campion doing wonders with the material. Your choice?


  1. I know Color Force does book adaptations like crazy, but after they’ve done mostly Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Hunger Games with only One Day being outside the kids adaptation mold, this just seems weird.

    Then again, they’re just producers, but I hope they get a good artsy director on board for this with good writing chops (this project screams for a director/screenwriter), not some nobody.


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