Fox 2000 to Produce John Green’s “Paper Towns”


With The Fault in Our Stars still a few months away from release, and the unstoppable Shailene Woodley juggernaut gaining more and more steam, Fox 2000 clearly see the adaptation of the wildly popular John Green novel as a sure bet and are pre-emptively hoping lightning will strike twice. Green’s 2008 novel Paper Towns has been optioned by the studio, who are hoping to bring back the creative team, including producers and screenwriter, and turn the novel into a vehicle for actor-singer Nat Wolff, who will appear in Stars as a supporting cast member.

Wolff is best known for starring in and composing the music for the Nickelodeon show The Naked Brothers Band (a show created by his mother). Paper Towns currently sits at number 5 on the New York Times Young Adult best-seller list, along with all of Green’s other books written solo, and has remained on the list for over a year. Green’s work comes with a definite indie sensibility that has been somewhat lacking in the most recent output of YA adaptations, which skew more towards genre and blockbuster. Clearly the studio believes in his work enough to option a second adaptation before the first has been released, and it wouldn’t surprise us at Bibliodaze one bit to see his other two novels receiving similar treatment (although we’re less sure about Will Grayson, Will Grayson, co-written by David Levithan, since films made by mainstream studios for adolescents tend to primarily have heterosexual protagonists). Please withhold all “Male Saviour of YA” think-pieces for now, friends of the literary blogosphere.

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  1. Ah, even John wasn’t immune to Barnes and Noble’s “YA covers must have either a girl’s face or a single, iconic object, like, say, an apple” decree that held such sway for a few years….

    It doesn’t necessarily make SENSE that studios were waiting to see how Divergent did before deciding to move on other (completely unrelated) YA properties, but there’s really no overstating just how much that was the case.

    I sort of suspect that the Fault movie might hurt his rep in the long run; if the trailer’s any indication, people are gonna start thinking, “Oh, so he’s the teen Nicholas Sparks?”

  2. Eh, not my favourite of John Green’s books. But I’m sure it’ll lend itself to being a decent movie.

    Isn’t this just pre movie release hype, though? This reminds me of the time when The Mortal Instruments was so many months/weeks away from release, and the production company suddenly announced that they had green-lit the sequel. I know this isn’t a sequel, but considering Divergent (another YA movie adaptation) has had a bit of a critical battering (despite its box office success), it seems kind of timely, you know?


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