“Divergent” Officially a Box Office Hit

Critics might have hated it, but the fans sure did love it.


divergent posterPoor critical ratings and comparisons to Harry Potter and The Hunger Games aside, Divergent opened to an estimated $59 million at the box office this weekend, meeting analyst expectations and officially allowing Summit and Lionsgate to proceed with filming on the adaptation of Insurgent in May in Chicago.

To people who have said there is a “YA Curse”, where adaptations fail because they are YA related and that America is not interested in more YA movies in the wake of Twilight and The Hunger Games, I think it’s pretty certain that Divergent‘s success is more than enough to stop them in their tracks. The thing most naysayers see are poor results, not the fact that these book series to begin with weren’t as fanatically popular as Divergent, or that these movies are poor adaptations either dumbed down for their audiences, or with tones drastically changed, or with poor acting.

Where Divergent succeeds is with a fan base that loves everything about the movie, not with critics who hated it. It’s a movie that by all accounts is a great adaptation of the source material (note – I have not seen it, nor have I fully read the book).

Divergent might be a critical flop and a box office success, but what it does have are fans and people who were curious enough about the plot and word of mouth to give it a shot. The same can’t be said about Beautiful Creatures or The Mortal Instruments or Ender’s Game or Vampire Academy or Eragon or City of Ember or The Host

Plus, I don’t think Theo James hurt.

divergent gif kissing
Theo James could get it.

But really, if YA in Hollywood is to succeed, would it hurt to make it work and not just throw random spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks before it’s fully cooked and ready for the table? Man, my analogies suck today…


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