Anne Rice Returns to the Vampire Chronicles


Anne Rice’s literary journey has been a fascinating one. Even if you put aside her attitudes towards reviews (something we’ll return to later on the site), her career trajectory has taken more twists and turns than most authors will ever experience. After returning to her Christian faith after a prolonged absence, Rice renounced her most famous series, the Vampire Chronicles, and vowed to only write for Jesus. A few years later, after two relatively well received books about Christ’s life, Rice left the Church again and wrote about werewolves. Now she’s returning to the old faithful undead that helped secure her over 100m sales.

Rice announced on her son, writer Christopher Rice’s internet variety show “The Dinner Party Show” that she would be releasing a sequel to the first 5 books in the Vampire Chronicles (the best books before they went dramatically downhill), called Prince Lestat. The eponymous Brat Prince, Rice’s most beloved character, had to be “wrestled to the ground” by the author in order for her to get a story from him, Rice says. The book will also feature many of the series’s other vampires (pulling for more Louis because he was always better than Lestat. You know it’s true). A sequel will soon follow. Further details can be found in Rice’s interview with her son, which is nothing if not rather sweet.

Prince Lestat will be released on October 28th from Knopf. The cover will be revealed soon so stay tuned for further developments.


  1. I kind of hate myself for getting excited about this. Anne Rice dominated my adolescence, and Lestat….fuggedaboutit. I suppose I’m the prime audience for this – I didn’t read past the first five books (aside from The Vampire Armand, which I thought was pretty decent at the time) – but controversies and bad reviews have kept me far away from her more recent work. I have been considering reading The Wolf Gift though. I don’t know, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this is a return to form for her.

  2. I deeply preferred the Mayfair Witches stories. I’m a little over vampires these days. Seems like kind of an easy cash grab. Lestat has had so many stories told about him; if we must get back to the Vampire Chronicles, why not a compilation of tales of the other vampires? Blood and Gold and Pandora were easy favorites (but I’m a sucker for Rome and Greece). I want to know what Khayman and Daniel and Maharet are doing now. Or how Marius and Pandora are lately now that they’re reunited. There are so many OTHER characters, give Lestat a rest.


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