“The Luminaries” to Become a Mini-Series.


Image from Man Booker PrizeWhile Team Bibliodaze haven’t quite gotten round to tackling Eleanor Catton’s Man Booker Prize winning novel (come on, it’s over 800 pages!), we’re still excited by the news that the new non-Lorde pride of New Zealand will be bringing her story to the small screen, having brokered a deal for a mini-series headed by UK producer Andrew Woodhead (Law & Order UK and Spooks). While no casting or creative team members have signed on yet, the author’s insistence that the series be filmed in her native New Zealand, in the town of Hokitika where the story takes place, will prove undoubtedly popular and put those bloody hobbits in their place.

The Luminaries, a novel organised according to astrological patterns and the lunar cycle, follows a prospector who seeks his fortune in New Zealand’s goldmines in the 1800s yet ends up in the centre of a series of unsolved crimes. Catton will not be adapting the material herself, believing that the work needs a fresh eye for the screen. The deal for the series was struck before she became the youngest winner of the Man Booker Prize with the longest novel. We look forward to the results and continue to love and envy Catton in equal measure.

Hokitika circa 1870sHokitika Township ca 1870s. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The Luminaries is published by Granta Books and is available on UK Kindle, US Kindle, Victoria University Press and the first chapter is available on Granta’s website.

Modern HokitikaModern Hokitika. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons


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