Red Rising – Future Hollywood Success… or Flop?

Red RisingPhoto by Joan Allen, Random House Publishing

Meet Pierce Brown. He’s 26, a former NBC page, very good looking (trust me, I met him at ALA in Chicago in 2013), and the latest winner on the publishing roulette wheel. His book RED RISING is the first in a trilogy heralded as the next HUNGER GAMES and has been compared to many a title that everyone and their uncle has heard. Del Rey snapped up the book when Brown was only 23 and working in Hollywood, plucking him from obscurity and delivering him straight into the spotlight as the newest literary sensation.

Oh, and the film rights just sold for a hefty seven figure sum to Universal.

Not bad for a book that so far may be falling a little short of expectations.

RED RISING debuted on the New York Times Bestsellers List at #20 on the Hardcover Fiction list. Not a bad debut at all for most authors, but when millions of dollars – and the career of a very young, very promising author – are on the line, history says it isn’t great.

Only time will tell where Brown’s career will go, but a movie about class warfare on Mars?

I’m getting my ass to Mars, but I’ll be careful. It’s dangerous out there.


  1. I’ve seen nothing about this book except on the publisher’s website. Doesn’t seem to have made much of a splash.


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