New Deal: Madeleine Roux’s third ASYLUM novel

Image from Goodreads.

There will be a third book in the ASYLUM seriesvia Madeleine Roux’s Facebook

The Asylum series, which hit the New York Times YA best-seller list to the surprise of many, is a photo-novel in the vein of Ms Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (a comparison the blurb itself makes). It centres on a young man who spends the Summer in a former mental asylum for the criminally insane with a chilling past. Reviews were mixed but there’s clearly an audience for more.

Tez Says: Anything to do with asylums (asyla?), I want to read. I probably love the idea of Asylum more than its execution, but hopefully there’ll be more answers and intrigue in Sanctum (book 2) and this as-yet-untitled third novel. This trilogy is really worth experiencing in print rather than electronic, as the found photographs are intrinsic to the story and will look better off-screen.


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