Jesse Eisenberg Inks Deal for Short Story Collection

Hollywood actors + short stories = hrm.

Not Jesse Eisenberg. Not Jesse Eisenberg.

You might know him from The Social Network, or as the older brother of that cute little girl from Bicentennial Man (a highly underrated movie if you ask me), but now Jesse Eisenberg has a new title to add to his collection – short story collection author. Eisenberg inked a deal with Grove Atlantic for a collection of short stories titled BREAM GIVES ME HICCUPS: AND OTHER STORIES, titled after a short story published in McSweeny’s about a 9 year old boy who writes restaurant reviews. If you were curious to know if Eisenberg has any writing chops, you can give him a test drive in his New Yorker story from 2013 about… I don’t know, I didn’t actually read it. And expect some new pieces, like a short story about pre-volcanic disaster Pompeii, along with his trademark wit. Here I was thinking he was known mostly for his trademark dryness…

Expect to see BREAM GIVES ME HICCUPS on shelves in 2015.


Photo Credit: AP


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