James Patterson, Savior of Books?

He's giving away $1 million to independent bookstores.


You might be more used to these days hearing about James Patterson (as written by one of his legion of ghost writers), but what about James Patterson, philanthropist? The New York Times reported today that Patterson has given out his first bequeaths to 50 independent bookstores across America – including my beloved Malaprop’s in Asheville, NC, aka one of the reasons I survived undergrad in the middle of nowhere, western NC. Thanks to the money they’re getting, they’re replacing carpeting.

Patterson, as you might know, is extremely wealthy due to his name appeal and multiple releases a year in a number of genres, even though he doesn’t write many of his books these days. But will more authors follow his lead, or is the independent bookstore on its way out as our new overload Kindle takes over our minds? Time will tell.


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