Coming (Really) Soon: A “Veronica Mars” Book


Everything is coming up “Veronica Mars” these days. On March 25th, hot on the heels of the March 14 release of the partially fan-funded movie, a “Veronica Mars” book is hitting physical and digital store shelves.

Image via Rob Thomas
Image via Rob Thomas

Show creator Rob Thomas and Alloy Entertainment signed a two book deal with Vintage Books last year. Yesterday, Thomas revealed the release date, cover and title of the first book via his Twitter account. Titled The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, it is set after the movie. Veronica will be back in her hometown of Neptune, California and up to her old private investigating tricks with all the characters fans of the television know and love.

Not only are two “Veronica Mars” books planned, there is also a web series starring Ryan Hansen in the works. Thomas also shared on Twitter that the potentially meta filled comedy series will feature Hansen putting together  a “Veronica Mars” spinoff starring his character Dick Casablancas. Eight 10 minute episodes will be produced by CW Seed. It’s a good time to be a Marshmallow.

Rob Thomas envisioned “Veronica Mars” as a YA novel before it became a television show. He is co-writing the new novels with writer and editor Jennifer Graham.


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