Cassandra Clare Sells Another Shadowhunters Series in the UK/AU/NZ

But not for US rights? Interesting...


Just when you thought she might have had enough Shadowhunters after selling 12 books in the universe, an encyclopedia, a short story collection, and a book of essays written by her pals, Cassandra Clare has sold a new trilogy – but not in the US as far as anyone knows (don’t worry, or worry as much as you want, I’m sure there will be an announcement soon from Simon & Schuster). Walker has taken the rights to “The Last Hours” (the TLH that she spoke of obliquely on Twitter and Tumblr) in a high six figure deal for the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. It’ll join the The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, and The Dark Artifices once published.

The fourth Shadowhunters series takes place in Edwardian London and fin de siecle Paris, which I find odd considering that those periods didn’t overlap (fin de siecle meaning end of century, and Edwardian not starting for 2 years after that), but semantics aside, expect to see even more Shadowhunters coming to shelves in 2017.


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