5 Sexy Romance Novels to Read This Valentine’s Day


This time of year, we are practically bombarded with sexy lists; sexy celebrities, sexy celebrity couples, sexy food, sexy movies, and of course sexy books. Is it easy to be overwhelmed by them all. So here’s another sexy books list to add to the pile.

So what makes this list different? By no means is it meant to be comprehensive. These aren’t the five best romance novels of all time ever. They’re just five romance novels that are sexy for a variety of different reasons. ‘Cause when it comes to sexiness, one size does not fit all.


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1. Her Best Worst Mistake by Sarah Mayberry

What’s it about?: Violet and Martin do not get along, but are forced to interact because Martin is engaged to Violet’s best friend. Then said best friend breaks up with Martin and runs off to Australia. The two former enemies begin to see each other in a different (sexy) light.

What makes it sexy?: Martin is a straight laced lawyer. Violet is a bit of a wild child. Their chemistry is off the charts from their very first interaction and it only gets hotter once they realize how they really feel about each other.

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2. A Lady Awakened by Cecilia Grant

What’s it about?: The newly widowed Martha Russell needs an heir or she’ll lose her estate. So she hires her dastardly neighbor to knock her up.

What makes it so sexy? : There is a lot of bad sex in A Lady Awakened. A lot. So the sexiness really comes from how Martha and her Theo spend their time out of the bedroom. As they grow closer, that bad sex starts to become great.





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3. Escorted by Claire Kent

What’s it about?: Lori is a romance novel author who’s never had sex. To solve that pesky problem, she hires a male escort (Yes, two books on this list feature a woman hiring a man for sex. I regret nothing!).

What makes it sexy?: Turning a business transaction into a relationship is a tricky affair. Lori and the escort, Ander, both fight their feelings because falling in love means upending the lives they’ve created for themselves. There are lots of sex scenes in Escorted. Part of what makes each one hot is Lori and Ander’s ever changing relationship throughout the novel.



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4. The Boss by Abigail Barnette

What’s it about?: Aspiring fashion magazine editor Sophie Scaife starts up a relationship with Neil, her sexy older boss.

What makes it sexy?: If you’re hesitant about reading a BDSM erotic romance, this is a great place to start. No one’s signing contracts on the first date in The Boss. While Sophie is only 24, this is a story about grown folks who treat each other with respect. That respect makes the sex scenes steamier.

One more time, this is an erotic romance. The sexy times are more explicit in this book than in any other on this list.



Image via MeljeanBrook.com
Image via MeljeanBrook.com

5. Heart of Steel by Meljean Brook

What’s it about?: In need of money and vengeance, a tough as nails airship captain and a fearless adventurer battle their way towards justice and love.

What makes it sexy?: Heart of Steel is bananas. It’s set in a well-crafted steampunk world. The heroine, Yasmeen, tosses the hero, Archimedes Fox, off her airship into zombie infested lands before the story even begins. There’s a quest for treasure that involves finding works by Leonardo da Vinci. On top of all of that, the two leads are unapologetically sexy. There’s no shame or judgment; just two people fumbling their way towards some booty in more ways than one.



That’s it! Feel free to add your own sexy romance novel suggestions in the comments. Actually, please do that. You can never have enough sexy books!


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